August 4, 2021

No Lockdowns Anymore Lyrics – Ariana Grande

No Lockdowns Anymore Lyrics

Oh Oh Oh
Woke-Up Today
Feeling Okay
While This Is New

Oh Oh Oh
Got The Vaccine
And It’s Been 2 Weeks

There’s Life On The Streets
Hot People At Brunch
And I’ve Got A Hunch
Mimosas Are Gonna Be Bottomless

Oh Oh Oh
Turning Off Zoom
After 15 Long Months
Stuck On Mute

No Lockdowns Anymore Anymore
We Can Finally
Walk Out The Door Door
The Sunlight Is A Fantasy Fantasy
It Still Doesn’t Feel
Real To Me

No Lockdowns Anymore
Will They Still
Take My Temp At The Door
Shout Out To Our Favorite M.D.
Anthony Fauci

Oh Oh Oh
Look At My Hair
I’m No Longer Scared
To Have It Cut

Oh Oh Oh
Back In The Gym
Where I Start To Sweat

Ummm Maybe Not Yet

Say Hi On The Street
Air Kiss On The Cheek
It’s Been So Long Since
I’ve Put On My Shoes

So Oh Oh
Let’s Hit The Club
Get Drunk And
Get Matching Tattoos

No Lockdowns Anymore
Time To Go Back
To Work Indoors
No More Sweatpants
Or Zooming In
While I Really
Watch Bridgerton

No Lockdowns Anymore
Traffic Is So Much
Worse Than Before
The World’s Such
A New Place To Me
What’s An NFT
I Have No Idea

So Oh Oh
Been A Long Wait
I’m So Ready
For Life To Restart

No Lockdowns Anymore
Gonna Live The Next Year Outdoors
We Can See A Movie At 3

Making Plans Is Like S*X To Me
It’s What We’ve Been Waiting For
To Embrace All That Life Has In Store
It’s Time To Make New Memories

Once You’ve
Got The Vaccine
Hug Your Family
Feeling So Relieved
No Lockdowns We’re Free

Written by: The Late Late Show

No Lockdowns Anymore Music Video

No Lockdowns Anymore Song Info:

Song: No Lockdowns Anymore
Singer(s): Ariana Grande, The Late Late Show
Cast: Ariana Grande

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