October 26, 2021

Narayan Gopal All Songs List

Narayan Gopal was a popular singer and composer in the world of Nepali music. He is knowna as “Swar Samrat” (Nepali: स्वर सम्राट, meaning: Emperor of Voice) and also known as “King of Tragedy” owing to his numerous tragedy songs. He also sang in Nepal Bhasa. Owing to his vocal range he was capable of singing songs of every Nepalese genre. Often, his songs were accompanied by the sitarharmonium and flute. He was also a music director during the 1950s to the 70s and belongs to the first generation of professional Nepali singers. His songs have been showcased in several movies and dramas across the country. Check Out all songs of Narayan Gopal in This post.

Narayan Gopal released 137 songs during his lifetime, his first songs were composed by his friend Prem Dhoj Pradhan and his teacher Manik Ratna

narayan gopal

Narayan Gopal Songs List

Song NameAlbum
Mohani LaglahaiMohani Laglahai
Timro Jasto MutuNarayan Gopal 
Yeti DheraiMayaGeeti Yatra
Yati Chokho Yati MithoMitjyu
Malai NasodhaMalai Nasodha
Yo Samjhine Maan Chha Geetiyatra · 1988
Maya Ta Maya – Video EditMohani Laglahai
Kehi Mitho BatagaraGeetiyatra · 1988
Siri Ma SiriManchheko Maya
Maya GarnekoSwornim Sandhya 2
Jun Phoola MaileMalai Nasodha
Timilai Maa Ke BhanuGeetiyatra · 1988
Biratako Chino Mohani Laglahai
Mero Pyaro Okhaldhunga Gham Pani Jindagani
Galti Hajar Narayan Gopal Collectors 1
Duita Phool Deuralima Duita Phool Deuralima
Malai Maf Garideu Best of Narayan Gopal (Classical)
Timile Pani Ma Jastai Prem Ko Mala
Himal Sari Kanchhi, Kanyadan
Timi Jun Raharle Mero Sano Sansar
Parkhi Basen Parkhi Basen
Mohani Lagla Hai Chino (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Manchheko Geeti Yatra
Malai Chhodi Geeti Yatra
Timile Bhneka Timile Bhaneka
Yetidherai Maya Diee Geetiyatra · 1988
Parkhi Base Aaula Best of Narayan Gopal (Classical)
Mata Laliguras Bhaye Best of Narayan Gopal (Classical)
Yati Chokho Yati Best of Narayan Gopal (Classical)
Eauta Manchheko Narayan Gopal Collectors 1
Mero Aankhalai Best of Narayan Gopal (Classical)

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