April 19, 2021

Master Coming Lyrics – Master

Master Coming Lyrics – Master

Get the Master Coming Song Lyrics that Gaana Balachandar performed and are featured in Master (2021) film of Vijay Sethupathi, Thalapathy Vijay. The lyrics writer Sri Sai Kiran wrote-down the Master Coming‘s Telugu lyrics and Lokesh Kanagaraj gave direction to the music video from Master (2021) film.


Master (2021) Telugu MOVIE • Master Coming FULL SONG LYRICS

Rey Entra Idhi Dabba Beatu
Uthakara Ah Ah Maja Pa Maja Pa
Itra Itra Itra Randira Randira
Master Coming Chudu
Hey Chudu Dupa Dupa

Hey Ana Vandha Atom Bomb Dhammu
Pilupilupilu Pilami Pilupilupilu Ah
Pilupilupilu Pilami Pilupilupilu
Pilupilupilu Pilami Pilupilupilu Pilami
Pilupilupilu Pilupilupilu
Master Coming Chudu, Orraga Katte

Hey Tarukula Tripleu Vutta Salipila Silpi Thotta
Thogurula Thagara Vutta Paguru Aguruthan

Silkila Silki Vutta Kilpula Salttu Thotta
Bijilila Bilpi Vutta Jettak Jarukun Than
Yeye Aiyo Line Kattu Line Kattu
Ituku Duma Ituku Duma
Ana Modhalu Pettu Modhalu Pettu Chudu

Aiyo Ana Vandha Atom Bomb-u Dhammu
Ana Modhalu Pettu Modhalu Pettu
Master Coming Chudu.

Master Coming Music Video | Ft. Thalapathy Vijay | Vijay Sethupathi

The above Telugu language song “Master Coming“ is one of the soundtracks from Telugu movie ‘Master (2021). The performers filmed in the music video released on January 7, 2021, with voices by vocalists Gaana Balachandar are Thalapathy Vijay, Vijay Sethupathi.

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