October 16, 2021

Maha Adhbhutham Lyrics Translation – Oh Baby Movie


Maha Adhbhutham Lyrics Translation – Oh Baby Movie

Maha Adhbhutham Kada Aa, Adhee Jeevitham Kada Aa,
This is a miraculous story Called life. I am living a miracle Called life.
Chinuku Chiguru Kaluva Kolanu Anni Ee Nuvvele
It’s in the seas And the deserts.
Alavu Shilavu Kalalu Theralu Yevaina Nuvvele
In dreams and in reality.

Prashna Badhulu Hayi Dhigulu Anneei Neelone
In the questions and the answers. In happiness and sadness.
Nuv Yela Choopamani Ninne Koritge Ala A Kshaname Choopisthuntundheye
Ask and life shall fulfill your wishes.

Idhi Grahisthe Manase Nuv Charisthe
Open your heart.
Prathi Roju Radha Vasantham
Let each day be magical.

Anandhala Chadi Chappudu
Neelo Nalo Vuntayeppudu Guruthe Pattaka
Happiness is always within you.
Gukke Pedighe Labham Ledhe
Remember this And don’t hold on to your tears.

Neeke Vunte Choose Kannulu
Chuttu Leva Yenno Rangulu
Open your eyes And see the colors around you.
Reppalu Moosi Chikati Ante Kudharadhe
Eyes shut tight Can never see the light.

O Kalame Nesthamai Nayama Chesthundhe Gayala Gathanni
Time will heal all your wounds.
Andhuke Ee Kshanam Oo Navve Navvi Santhoshala Theeram
Podham Bhayam Dheniki,
Smile your worries away. Sail to the shores of joy.

Paduthu Leche Alale Kada Neeeke Adharsham
Rise every time you fall.
Vurumo Merupo Yedhure Padani Parugapaku Nee Payanam
Come what may, just don’t give up.

Theepi Kavalante Chedhu Mingalanthe
The lessons of life are bitter But the fruit is sweet.
Kashta Mochi Kougilisthe Hathuko Yentho Istamga
Take all your worries and embrace them.

Kalle Thadavani Vishadhalani
Kalle Thadapani Samudhralani
Overwhelmed, my tears of happiness Could fill an entire ocean.
Kalalo Naina Choosetandhuku Veeluntundha
I never imagined. I’d witness this day.

Chuttam Choopuga Vachamandharam
Moote Kattuku Poyedhevvaram Vunnannallu
Being a part of your joy Is sheer bliss for us.
Vundha Mokariki Okaruga
We’ll always be there for you.



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