October 27, 2021
Har Funn Maula Lyrics English Translation - Aamir Khan

Har Funn Maula Lyrics English Translation – Aamir Khan

Har Funn Maula Lyrics English Translation – Aamir Khan
Hadson Ke Is Shehar Mein Aaj Koyi Ayega
Khol Dega Raz Ya Phir Raz Khud Ban Jayega
Rat Ki Agosh Mein Ye Raz Rehne Dijiye
Kijiyega Kal Khulasa Aaj Rehne Dijiye

To this city of casualties, somebody’s about to come today.
Is he going to open up the secrets or become a secret himself?
Let this secret stay safe in the embrace of the night.
Please, reveal it out tomorrow, and leave it for now.

Hai Koyi Parwana Yahan Jo Jan Pe Apni Khelega
Ashiqui Mein Hoke Fanaah Bahon Mein Shama Ko Le Lega
Itni Haseeno Pe Kitni Dafa Ye Dola
Phir Bhi Fakeeron Ka Pehne Hue Hai Chola

There’s a lover here, and he’s going to risk his life.
He would lose himself in love and embrace the flame in his arms.
He’s fallen for many beautiful women,
but he’s still dressed like the saints.

Itar Ki Sheeshi Hai Jahan Bhi Khul Jaye
Hawa Mein Ghul Jaye Dil Jogi Da Har Funn Maula
Har Funn Maula

He’s like a bottle of perfume, and wherever it is opened, it spreads in the air.
The heart of the devotee is the Master of the Arts.
Master of the Arts.

Aye Toh Kayi Karne Idhar Dil-E-Bekarar Ki Dawa
Shab Se Sehar Hote Hi Magar Bari Bari Sare Ho Gaye Hawa
Shab Ke Andhere Mein Jannat Dikhane Wala
Main Toh Sawere Bhi Dil Na Dukhane Wala

Many have come here to get a cure for their restless heart.
From night to morning, they were all gone.
I am the one who could show you the heavens in the night.
I don’t even intend to hurt anyone’s heart during the day.

Ye Meri Bahon Mein Rat Jo Guzre Woh Umar Bhar Jaisi Hai
Dil Jogi Da Har Funn Maula
Har Funn Maula

A night spent in my arms is like a lifetime.
The heart of the saint is the master of the arts.
Master of the Arts.

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