October 27, 2021

FAMOUS LYRICS – Arjun Kanungo | Fotty Seven

Famous Lyrics

Aaj Mujhe Yaad Aaya Ki Main Famous
Tere Sath Rehta To Kyun Bhul Jata Hoon
Namestey Haters See You Later
Ab Woh Jal Rahe To Fir Main Kya Karu

Tere Bhai Ka Naam Kya Hai

Fame Chadi Sir Pe Nahi
Top Jaise Everest
Average Baate Hum Karte Nahi
Pakistan Se Bhi Aate Hai Fan Mail
Australia Mein Fan Base
More Like A Family
Maybe That’s Why She Calls Me Daddy

Free Cheeje Brand Mujhe Bheje
Bank Account Mein Badh Gayi
Ek Aur Digit
Mera Number Hai Busy
Log Phone Kare Mujhe Din Raat Bin Baat
Mere Manager Ke Pass Mera Sim Card
Main Hoon Ye Bandi Meri Kim Kard

Sone Bhi Naa Deti Tu Chain Se
Tu Chahti Hai Sab Kuch Fancy
My Time Is Money
And Baby You’re So Expensive
It’s Been Hard

Pant House
Sabse Upar Wala Level
Cheeze Badli Jaldi Jaldi
Jaise Maine Sign Karli Deal
With The Devil

Tum Bhul Gaye Ki Main Famous
Bolne Se Acha Tumhe Gaake Sunata Hoon
Bombay Se Sidhe Tere Playlist
Ye Sare Chahye Mujhe
Par Tumhe Main Chahata Hoon

Mere Level Pe Nahi Hai Tu
I Know That You Know It Too
Tere Liye Yeh Gana Hai Flex
Mere Liye Ye Gana Hai Truth
Fuck It

C’mon Get In The Benz
Car To The Plane Seat
In Under 10
Flying To The Next Gig
Yo This Plane Don’t Crash
My Fans Are With Me

Kaun Pehle Tha Nice
Kaun Rude Mujhe Yaad Hai
6.856 Apni Roots Mujhe Yaad Hai

Kya Hua Mere Sath Kab
Kuch Bhi Puch
Mujhe Yaad Hai
Jo Kiya Tha Maine Mehsoos
Mujhe Yaad Hai

Tabhi Humble Rehta Hai Bhai Tera
Tabhi Circle Rehta Hai Tight Mera
Tabhi Har Pal Chalta Hai Time Mera
Tabhi Rakha Maine Doubt Kabhi Mind Mein Naa

Pehle Blue Tick Sirf The Whats App Mein
Seen Pe Jo Chodte Aaj Bolte Whats Happening
Pehle Chand The Jo Eid Ke
Mana Karte Free Tickets Ab Lete Kahreed Ke

Tum Bhul Gaye Ki Main Famous
Bolne Se Acha Tumhe Gaake Sunata Hoon
Namestey Haters See You Later
Ab Woh Jal Rahe To Fir Main Kya Karu

Written by: Arjun Kanungo , Fotty Seven

Famous Music Video

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