October 27, 2021


Blue Banisters Lyrics

There’s A Picture On The Wall
Of Me On A John Deere
Jenny Handed Me A Beer
Said How The Hell Did You Get There

Oh Ok La Homa
Mmmm Mm..

There Were Flowers That Were Dry
Sitting On The Dresser
She Asked Me Where They’re From
I Said A Place I Don’t Remember

Oh Ok La Homa

Jenny Jumped Into The Pool
She Was Swimming With Nikki Lane
She Said Most Men Don’t Want A Woman
With A Legacy It’s Of Age
She Said You Can’t Be A Muse
And Be Happy Too
You Can’t Blacken The Pages
With Russian Poetry & Be Happy
And That Scared Me
‘Cuz I Met A Man Who

Said He’d Come Back Every May
Just To Help Me
If I’d Paint My Banisters Blue
Blue Banisters Ooh

Said He’d Fix My Weathervane
Give Me Children Take Away My Pain
And Paint My Banisters Blue
My Banisters Blue

There’s A Hole That’s In My Heart
All My Women Try And Heal
They’re Doing A Good Job
Convincing Me That It’s Not Real
It’s Heat Lightning Oh Oh..

‘Cuz There’s A Man That’s In My Past
There’s A Man That’s Still Right Here
He’s Real Enough To Touch
In My Darkest Nights He’s Shining Ohh..

Jenny Was Smoking By The Pool
We Were Writing With Nikki Lane
I Said I’m Scared
Of The Santa Clarita Fires
I Wish That It Would Rain

I Said The Power Of Us
3 Can Bring Absolutely Anything
Except That One Thing
The Diamonds The Rust And The Rain
The Thing That Washes Away The Pain
But That’s Okay ‘Cuz

Now When Weather Turns To May
All My Sisters Come To Paint
My Banisters Green
My Blue Banisters Grey

Text And Mex Are In The Bay
Chucky’s Making Birthday Cake
Jake Is Running Barefeet
There’s A Baby On The Way
And Now My Blue Banisters Are
Green & Grey Ahh..

Summer Comes Winter Goes
Spring I Skip God Knows
Summer Comes Winter Goes
Spring I Sleep Heaven Knows

Every Time It Turns To May
All My Sisters Fly To Me
To Paint Paint

Written by: Lana Del Rey

Blue Banisters Music Video

Blue Banisters Song Info:

Song: Blue Banisters
Singer(s): Lana Del Rey
Musician(s): Lana Del Rey
Label(©): Lana Del Rey

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